monkey April 19

DON’T use real animals in commercials!

At work, a colleague showed me this video from the great VFX house The Mill based in London. The video explains why productions houses shouldn’t use real animals in their commercials. Todays modern technologies makes it possible to create, for instance, a monkey in 3D and you can’t really tell if it is a real […]

20140420-190730.jpg April 20


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cover April 14

Photoshop Fur

I saw a tutorial on how to create fur monsters in Photoshop. I thought this might be fun to try out. Here is my monsters. :) Tutorial: Photoshop fur tutorial

happynewyear December 30


I don’t know how many people who is actually reading this blog. BUT for those who are; HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of me to all of you! :) I love to be inspired by other graphic designers or motion graphics designers! Thats the only way to get better! Thanks to you all! Take care […]

thoughts November 14


This 2D animation video was created based on some random thoughts of mine! Enjoy. :) The car in the video, is made of pure solids, without any plug ins. You can download it for free and use it for your own projects if you want to. Download it here: Downloads

sko_sale_2 August 12

BUY C4d Converse Shoe

You can now buy selected 3D items i use in my projects. I have a 3D converse shoe for sale! You can buy it here and use it in Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D Lite or 3D Element! If i have other 3D models for sale you can check them out by clicking on the link […]

sko August 07

I Love My Converse!

I think converse shoes are the coolest outfit ever! Thats why i decided to create this movie as a tribute to this awesome shoe. My inspiration came from the danish motion design house FRAME. They have created an awesome animation with a Adidas shoe, and i wanted to do something similar. Watch the Adidas commercial […]


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