Water Splash Particular February 07

Particular water splash

I made this water splash test, to figure out, if simpel water simulation could be done fast in after effects. It is highly recommended to do liquid simulations in a specific software, such as Real Flow, if you want a detailed and smooth simulation. Though i thought the Particular plug-in did a good job. My […]

ff November 08

The Ring

An abstract piece of ring.

sterman July 24

Amazing Drone Footage!

Eric Sterman is the man behind this video. I wanted to share it boecause it absolutely took MY breath away. Relaxing and beautiful! Another reason why this video appealed to me is my fascination about the surfing culture.

brazil July 21

World Cup Brazil 2014 Animation

I wanted to play around with some easy character animation in AE, this Brazilian World Cup animation came out of it. :)

ocean June 19

Panic! 8 sec project

Panic video, made in a 8 sec project competition along with my colleague. :)

80 June 05

80 Gallery

I wanted to create a movie inspired by the 80′. This gallery came out of it.

inspiration May 11

Motion Design Inspiration

I have added a new page LINKS where i have written down some of the pages where i get my inspiration. Hope they would inspire you as well. :)


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