brazil July 21

World Cup Brazil 2014 Animation

I wanted to play around with some easy character animation in AE, this Brazilian World Cup animation came out of it. :)

ocean June 19

Panic! 8 sec project

Panic video, made in a 8 sec project competition along with my colleague. :)

80 June 05

80 Gallery

I wanted to create a movie inspired by the 80′. This gallery came out of it.

inspiration May 11

Motion Design Inspiration

I have added a new page LINKS where i have written down some of the pages where i get my inspiration. Hope they would inspire you as well. :)

attheoffice May 02

At The Office

I made this for an internal 10 sec. project contest. :) My inspiration came from this guy, who made these awesome 2D special effects: CIELO: MOTOGP™ OPENING

cap April 29

Abstract Presentation

“Abstract Presentation” is basically made with the Cartoon effects in AE and some abstract lines in VC 3D Elements. I think there is a lot of possibilities in the simple Cartoon effects, don’t you forget it! ;)

20140420-190730.jpg April 20


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